Our School

Our school is the
second oldest educational institution established in the private sector in the
country. It was established in 2001 under the eminent patronage of Gup Thinley
Dorji. It is located 5 kilometers away from the capital city. The school campus
covers four acres of land in the serene valley of Taba. The well facilated
campus and location makes the school conducive for learning. It has been
producing the best results amongst the private schools in the capital. The
school will continue to pursue continuous improvement in all its endeavours.

Our Vision

We are committed to developing a vibrant
community of learners by becoming a
leading educational institution through innovation, problem solving and
collaboration to meet the changing needs of the society – striving for excellence by exhibiting care,
instilling hope and inspiring confidence.

Our Mission: In
order to fulfill the vision, we shall:

  • contribute to the vision
    of education in Bhutan by catering to the specific needs of the students who
    aspire for higher education.
  • advance the intellectual, personal and social
    competencies of the students through problem-solving, teamwork and leadership
  • create an environment of excellence that stimulates achievement levels
    while catering to individual differences through support services.
  • foster a culture of constant review and improvement.
  • cultivate amongst students and staff a strong sense
    of belonging to the school.

Our Core Values: The mission shall be pursued by the following values and principles:

Reflection and mindfulnessWisdom and intelligencePerseverance and hard work

 Courage and triumph Joyfulness and

Our Motto:

The Best Is Yet To Be”– As the school envisions the quest for excellence, the motto
demands each individual to improve continuously through initiative, innovation,
problem solving and leadership.